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Very poor experience sadly.
It started off well. I asked about spray tanning and had a phone consultation.
I went along to the salon having performed all the necessary preparations for a spray tan.
The tan was done and it looked really streaky in several places but as it was my first ever, I thought I'd give it the development time and then see what it looked like when washed off.
The next day it was worse than ever. My legs looked like two loaves of tiger bread it was so bad and my wrists were streaky and there were big patches on my stomach, feet and back that hadn't even been covered.
I contacted the salon and was told to come in. I was made to feel as though it was all my fault and had a really frosty reception when I went in. The tan was done again but of course it just made it look worse as the dark bits were now darker. The whole experience made me so upset as the tan was for my holiday and my holiday was now ruined. I didn't sunbathe or go in the pool and the £2000 I spent on the holiday was for nothing as I was so conscious of how weird I looked. Upon my return, I replied to a message from the owner and was basically treated so rudely. I was eventually given a £25 cheque - which I had to chase - to reimburse me for the treatment. This was less than I paid incidentally. I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless you want to be treated badly when things go wrong.   03-10-17
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