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We recently had fish & chips, at the Park Gate & were very disappointed. I am now wary of menus offering fish & chips, as I do not think that the fish at the Park gate was Cod. It was virtually tasteless appeared to be undercooked. The service was acceptable but not the food. We did not complain, at the time, as we ate most of the meal but it was not as we expected.   11-11-17


We went to this store, yesterday to buy an American style fridge freezer. We found what we were looking for & when the sales assistant tried to put the order on their system, by entering the product information, it refused to accept the order, with no explanation as to why this happened. The sales assistant was as puzzled as we were. Because of this, we are now planning to buy this item from another store, so Currys have lost a £1400 order.

We have previously bought from Currys but it was always very obvious that they do not have enough staff available.

We will be avoiding Currys, in the future.    11-11-17